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Ultimate Grand Canyon 4-in-1 Helicopter Tour

Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes
From USD $669.99
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Expert Review

Full review: They use a limo, a helicopter, a pontoon boat, and a coach to make sure you see everything. The expert view on this day-long excursion is to get up early for the first flight to avoid crowds and the heat of the afternoon during warmer seasons. You'll have plenty of activity, so add the Skywalk option only if it's on your bucket list.

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  - 5 / 5 (947 reviews)

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Tour Features

McCarran International Airport
Champagne served
Display duration
6.5 hours
Flight duration
1 hour, 30 minutes
Food served
Helicopter model
Limo pickup
Recorded commentary
Stop duration
4 hours
Skywalk (optional), Grand Canyon floor
$10 / person
Time of day
Tour duration
We don't have the tour duration yet

Sights you'll see on this tour

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  1. Guano Point
    Not far from the Grand Canyon Skywalk location stands the location of an immense bat cave, which once held a mining operation to extract and sell the bat guano that filled the cave. Guano Point juts out into the canyon creating an amazing and awe-inspiring place to take in the sights of Grand Canyon West.
  2. Grand Canyon Skywalk (Eagle Point)
    Soaring in a state-of-the-art helicopter is one thing, but standing on a cantilevered bridge above the canyon is an entirely different way to get close to the canyon. Some tours land nearby for a trip to the Skywalk. For an added bonus, look for tours that let you skip the line at this popular attraction. Note that cameras and phones are not allowed on the Skywalk, though you are allowed to store them safely before heading out on the five layered glass deck.

Tour Reviews

Helicopter Tour Reviews from Viator

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  • Lacey W - Reviewed on 2017-05-24

    Overall a great tour!

  • Anastasia R - Reviewed on 2017-05-22

    The best way to see the great canyon. We were looked after incredibly well every step of the way.

  • Jane - Reviewed on 2017-05-16

    Outstanding experience.

  • auctioneats - Reviewed on 2017-05-08

    Amazing way to see the grand canyon. We got the early flight which was a bonus as it was quiet and all the stop off points so had plenty of time to take in the breath taking views. The river boat trip was also amazing all staff were very friendly highly recommended well worth the money

  • Cathy - Reviewed on 2017-04-12

    We had a wonderful trip! The limo was right on time. The boarding lounge was very nice. Our pilot Cody was very friendly and helpful. He gave us interesting explanation and our conversation covered a wide range of topics beyond just Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon is beautiful and breathtaking. the weather was comfortable in early April, not too hot and not too cold. It was before the peak season so there wasn't a long line at each spot. The trip gave us an amazing experience and was worth the money!

  • margo007 - Reviewed on 2017-04-11

    Our pilots name was Joe. He was to the point and low key, simply awesome. The ride was about 45 minutes. I would suggest not to eat a heavy breakfast or drink too much before takeoff. I did get a little woozy. We were lucky to only have 4 passengers. We had lots of space. Once you land you do the boat ride for about 15-20 minutes, then the helicopter flies you out of the canyon to a bus depot. From there you take the bus ride to the different stops. we passed up the first cowboy stop. Its a good thing because the other stops were basically why we were there. And the time goes quick. We ate at the skywalker, and had a roast beef sandwich, chips, orange and a drink. It was a very good sandwich. Guano point was my favorite because you can hike up the small rock hill and see the old mining place. The views were spectacular.

  • Andrew M - Reviewed on 2017-04-02

    A fantastic experience! The helicopter ride was amazing. The boat ride on the Colorado River gets you up close to the canyon walls. As recommended by other reviewers, we all skipped the first Ranch shuttle bus stop and did the last 2: Skywalk and Guano Point which were both spectacular and gave enough time to enjoy the views and have lunch at leisure.
    The service provided by Sundance Helicopters was superb.

  • Jared O - Reviewed on 2017-03-11

    I cannot say a bad thing about this trip! Awesome! Our pilot Raymond was great and totally informative! We also did the skywalk which was cool! Even got to take pictures and take video of a young couple getting engaged! He actually gave me his camera to do it! Congrats! Worth the money folks! Better then leaving it at the casino's :

  • A Christopher B - Reviewed on 2017-02-19

    This is the only way to see the Grand Canyon !!!

  • Michealt - Reviewed on 2017-02-07

    Let's start with our pilot Melinda, she was excellent, pointing out things as we flew and telling us lots of information about both the Grand Canyon and the Hoover dam and the areas we were flying over.
    As there were only 4 of us, we had plenty of room, we swapped from the back, going out to the front coming back to Las Vegas, a bit squeezy in the front but a better view. The trip on the river was good and the boat man very helpfull and knowledgeable. Happy to spin the boat around to get the best photos. The views from the viewing points, especially Guano point were tremendous. Perhaps the only downside was the very ordinary breakfast at the Indian ranch. Given the overall cost they could do better. So the trip was great. The only thing is that we could have got it a lot cheaper by booking when we got there!!!!!!!!

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